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Three words…

Three words only to describe this week at Ruth Fattal Haute Couture... 1. Colourful 2. Meetings 3. Smiles <3 Ruth




Posted by ruth on the 14th of September 2012

My awesome ‘To do list’…

So here is my 'to do list' for this week.... Firstly,  life is way too short....Everyday is a blessing form God so I AM going to enjoy it! Secondly, live the life you have imagined...Do I need to say more? Thirdly, do something you love...(for me it is designing , daydreaming & creating.) a cupcake! It makes the day more pretty 🙂 hehe <3 Ruth
Posted by ruth on the 1st of September 2012

Dreams do come true…Ruth Fattal Haute Couture Boutique

All i can say is...Woah! The last couple of months have been so incredible...I got the keys to the Ruth Fattal Haute Couture Boutique / Studio thanks to Pop Up Parramatta and renovated like mad, which was so much fun! I had the most amazing here is a corny thanks to my family & friends. But a special shout out ... Dad: who would come past everyday and just pray for me & my shop. Bro Joshy: who literally did all the ripping, pulling, painting and all the in betweens (like emailing me every morning whilst he was on a holiday with a huge list of things i had to do lol). This whole process has been a literal dream come true, but it wouldn't be anything without God... My ultimate thanks goes to Him 🙂 <;3 Ruth Ruth Fattal Haute Couture
Posted by ruth on the 1st of September 2012


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